Ultimate Echo Echo
Ultimate Echo Echo 3
Race Evolved Sonorosian
Planet Sonorosia
Power Sonic Screams

Flight Sonic Force Fields Enhanced Strength Enhanced Durability Enhanced Speed Space Survivability

Affiliation Ultimatrix

Ultimate Echo Echo is the evolved form of Echo Echo.


Ultimate Echo Echo has blue metal skin, 15 blue, removable speaker-like components attached to his body, an overall rounded design and longer arms and legs. Also, Echo Echo's power control pack is replaced with a marking resembling a cassette tape.

Ultimate Echo Echo's voice is more robotic-sounding, similar to a speaker.

Ultimate Echo Echo's mouth doesn't move when he speaks, but he can open it and it moves with emotion.

Ultimate Echo Echo is about Ben's height and has stumped feet.

Ultimate Echo Echo wears the evolved Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ultimate Echo Echo manipulates the power of sound, but he can also send out the Sonic Disks on his body to project powerful sonic blasts, which can knock someone out and shatter metal, iron and steel with relative ease.

Ultimate Echo Echo cannot make multiples of himself as standard Echo Echo can, but he can multiply the sonic discs once they have separated from his body, creating as many as needed.

Ultimate Echo Echo can create force fields out of sonic waves that are strong enough to contain a blast from a mini-nuclear bomb.

In Cosmic Destruction, Ultimate Echo Echo can dash forward through enemies, impact enemies with Sonic Disks, send 2 disks out to make a shockwave on faraway enemies, and spin sonic disks around him, damaging any nearby enemies in a small radius, then making a shockwave, damaging all nearby enemies.

Ultimate Echo Echo can use his Sonic Disks to use an exceedingly deadly move called Sonic Doom, where his discs surround the enemy and fire full sonic blasts.

Ultimate Echo Echo can generate some sort of atmosphere, because he is able to use sound abilities in space.

Ultimate Echo Echo possesses enhanced strength.

Ultimate Echo Echo can also fly using sound waves.


Ultimate Echo Echo is made of metal, so he can be magnetized.