Ultimate Big Chill
Ultimate Big Chill
Race Evolved Necrofriggian
Planet Kylmyys
Power Intangibility

Flight Ice Flames Breathing Underwater Temperature Immunity Ice Breath Enhanced Strength Enhanced Durability

Affiliation Hero

Ben's Ultimatrix


Ultimate Big Chill resembles more of a fire type alien than Big Chill.

Ultimate Big Chill's wings and antennae have a flame design.

Ultimate Big Chill can make his wings and antennae fold into a cloak like Big Chill can, which looks no different from Big Chill's cloak, except for being red.

Ultimate Big Chill's voice is more gravelly than Big Chill's, having a deeper tone behind it.

Ultimate Big Chill wears the evolved Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ultimate Big Chill can become intangible, manipulate ice, fly and breathe ice like Big Chill, but can create "ice flames" (actually a heat-draining plasma beam), which he describes as "fire so cold it burns".

Dwayne describes these flames as a plasma beam that consumes the heat of whatever they touch and use that energy to burn.

Ultimate Big Chill can breathe or shoot flames from his hands that turns into blue ice when they hit a target. His form of ice freezes the enemy much faster than Big Chill's ice breath.

He can make large plasma blasts on the ground, which either freeze, damage, or both, as well as hurl fiery ice spikes at opponents from just above the ground.

By inhaling deeply, Ultimate Big Chill can lower or raise the temperature of the air he breathes in, because he sucks the heat out of objects, freezes anything that happens to be in its path.

Ultimate Big Chill is a much faster flyer than Big Chill.

Like Big Chill, Ultimate Big Chill can also survive in a variety of environments, including extreme heat, intense cold and deep oceans