Nel's Secret Revealed is the eighth chapter of Bleach: Ultimate Alien Volume I.


Meanwhile back in the desert, Nnoitra continues to give Ben a merciless beating, as his Fraccion Tesla restrains him from using the ultimatrix. During the torture, Ben asks how Nnoitra knows about Nel, to which the fifth Espada explains about Nel's past and how she used to be an Espada, much to Ben's shock. After Nnoitra departs to deal with a recently discoverd intruder, he leaves Tesla to deal with Ben; who claimed that he will make Ben pay for hurting his master. When the loyal Fraccion was about to kill Nel, Charlotte soon came to her and Ben's rescue and gave Tesla left hook, explaining he overheard Nnoitra and Tesla planning to deal with Ben. While Charlotte deals with Tesla, Ben was able to turn into XLR8 and he and Nel dash towards Las Noches. However, due to Ben's injuries, XLR8 wasn't able to run as fast as usual.

But before XLR8 and Nel could make it, they are blasted off their feet by the returning Nnoitra. XLR8 attempting to fight him off, before turning into Ripjaws accidentally and became dehydrated, allowing Nnoitra to give the alien a nasty caught, causing himto transform back into a severely injured Ben and Nnoitra proceeded to beat him again as he called Ben names. Finally Nel couldn't take it anymore. She screamed at Nnoitra to leave Ben alone, Nel suddenly became engulfed in a pink light and regained her powers and original form, much to Ben's amazement and Nnoitra's fury.

Without a word, Nel--now Nelliel--used sonido to appear in front of Nnoitra and swiftly kicked him away from Ben, sending the former flying into a nearby pillar and telling the latter not to worry and that she would protect him. She then picked Ben up bridal style and used Sonido to put some distance between them and Nnoitra. She then used her healing vomit to repair some of the damage Nnoitra did to Ben. She explained her past to Ben in greater detail, and then attempted to confess her feelings for Ben, but was interrupted by the Ultimatrix, which proceeded to scan her. Ben explained that the Ultimatrix could repair the damage done to Nelliel's mask fragment, thus fully restoring her powers, but before it could (as per Nelliel's request), Nnoitra arrived and threatened the pair.

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