Kevin Levin
Race Human-Osmonian Hybrid
Birthday 4 november
Age 17
Gender Man
Height 6'3"
Weight 235
Professional Status
Affiliation Ben Tennyson
Previous Affiliation Himself
Occupation Hero
Previous Occupation Criminal
Team Ben Tennyson's Group
Partner Ben Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson
Base of Operations Mobile
Weapons None
Personal Status
Relatives Devin Levin (father, deceased)
Unnamed Mother
Harvey Hackett (stepfather)
Education N/A

Kevin Ethan Levin is a Human/Osmonian hybrid and a Plumbers' kid who was originally an enemy of Ben Tennyson, but is now his ally, as well as being Gwen Tennyson's boyfriend.


Kevin is a relatively tall teenager with shoulder-length black hair and dark brown eyes. He has a somewhat muscular body. His typical wardrobe consists of a black T-shirt worn over a grey long-sleeve shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes.


Kevin is cocky, arrogant, and foul-mouthed. He is also prone to greed and enjoys mocking others, regardless of who they are. He can also be tempted by power on occasion, but overall, he is not completely villainous as of now. He also deeply cares about Gwen, and despite butting heads with Ben on occasion (and despite their rather antipathetic history), they are now friends, though Kevin will take great delight in Ben's misfortune and/or in mocking him whenever he has a problem.