Ichigo Kurosaki
Professional Status
Affiliation Vizards, Kurosaki Clinic, Ben Tennyson
Position Substitute Shinigami
Division None
Partner Ben Tennyson
Base of Operations Kurosaki Clinic
Personal Status
Relatives Isshin Kurosaki (father)
Masaki Kurosaki (mother, deceased)
Yuzu Kurosaki (sister)
Karin Kurosaki (sister)
Education Karakura High School
Shikai Zangetsu
Bankai Tensa Zangetsu


Invasion of Las NochesEdit

"Tested" by UlquiorraEdit

Ichigo is first mentioned by Ulquiorra Cifer when he returns to Las Noches with Yammy Llargo from an unpecified mission, declaring that Ben Tennyson is more of a threat to Sosuke Aizen than Ichigo. He does not explicitly appear until he and his friends invade Las Noches with the intent to rescue a recently abducted Orihime Inoue.

Battle with GrimmjowEdit

At some point during his journey through Las Noches, Ichigo is confronted by Ulquiorra again. Before he can attack, Tia Harribel--the Tercera (Third) Espada--arrives, having been tasked with helping Ichigo by Ben Tennyson, whom she has defected to (and is in love with). Despite Ichigo's insistence on handling Ulquiorra, Harribel tells him that he is not strong enough and that he should let her handle Ulquiorra. They are interrupted by Grimmjow, who demands a rematch with Ichigo.

Battle with UlquiorraEdit

Battle with YammyEdit

Fake Karakura TownEdit

Battle with AizenEdit

Battle with GinEdit


Post-Winter WarEdit

Beach PartyEdit