Franceska Mila Rose
Mila Rose prof
Race Arrancar
Birthday August 17
Gender Female
Height 5'9½"
Weight 150 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Aizen's Arrancar Ary
Occupation Fraccion of Tia Harribel
Team Numeros
Partner Tia Harribel, Apacci Emilou, Cyan Sung-Sun
Base of Operations Las Noches
Personal Status
Relatives None
Resurrección Leona

Franceska Mila Rose, more commonly and simply called Mila Rose, is an Arrancar and a Fraccion of Tia Harribel.


Mila Rose is a beautiful Arrancar with dark skin, green eyes, and long, wavy brown hair. She also has a curvaceous figure, sporting rather large breasts. All in all, she greatly resembles an Amazon warrior. Her Hollow hole is located mid-way between her navel and breasts. Her mask fragments form a three-sectioned crown around her head and a thick necklace.


Mila Rose is tough, assertive, and like Apacci Emilou, is arrogant and short-tempered, though she has a slightly longer fuse and is more rational. Also like Apacci, she is scolded by Cyan Sung-Sun for her impulsiveness, to which she (again, like Apacci) will react with vicious and rather loud threats of violence. She is also confident in the abilities of people she respects, such as Harribel.


Mila Rose Hollow Form2

Adjuchas Mila Rose

Mila Rose was originally a leonine Adjuchas who, at some point, met the Vasto Lorde Tia Harribel and joined her to stay alive. It is unknown if she joined Harribel before or after Sung-Sun. She retained her tough personality that she would have as an Arrancar, and would often argue with Apacci and Sung-Sun.

At some point, the group was confronted by Vasto Lorde Baraggan Luisenbarn, the self proclaimed "God-King" of Hueco Mundo, and his army, with the arrogant Hollow demanding that they serve him or leave. They refused and walked off. They were later attacked by Hammerhead, who had been turned into an Arrancar by Sosuke Aizen, and were quickly overwhelmed, despite giving their best effort. Before Hammerhead could kill them, Aizen arrived and killed him.

The group then swore allegiance to Aizen and were themselves turned into Arrancar for his army, with Apacci, Mila Rose, and Sung-Sun becoming Harribel's servants, or Fraccion, while the latter became the Tercera (Third) Espada.


  • Mila Rose bears a number of similarities to Rangiku Matsumoto:
    • Both have long, wavy hair.
    • Both have curvaceous figures.
    • Both have very large breasts.
    • Both have some relation to cats: Mila Rose's Resurreccion is called Leona, which means "lion" in Spanish; Rangiku's Zanpakuto is named Haineko, which means "ash cat" in Japanese.