Cyan Sung-Sun
Race Arrancar
Birthday February 17
Gender Female
Height 5'0½"
Weight 90 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Aizen's Arrancar Army
Occupation Fraccion of Tia Harribel
Team Numeros
Partner Tia Harribel, Apacci Emilou, Franceska Mila Rose
Base of Operations Las Noches
Personal Status
Relatives None
Resurrección Anaconda

Cyan Sung-Sun, more commonly and simply called Sung-Sun, is an Arrancar and a Fraccion of Tia Harribel.


Sung-Sun is a slender woman with long flowing olive-green hair, lavendar eyes, long eyelashes, and three pink dots just below her right eye. Her mask fragments consist of three hair clip-like extensions on the right side of her bangs. She wears a furry black necklace around her neck. She wears a long white dress with long sleeves that are much longer than her arms, with a single slit in each one. She also wears two thin belts that criss-cross around her waist. The position of her Hollow hole is unknown. As an Adjuchas, she had the appearance of a large, lavender snake with pink and black eyes. Her mask sat on top of her head with earring-like pieces on either side.


In contrast to her fellow Fraccion, Sung-Sun is more calm, soft-spoken, and sophisticated. She is also less impulsive and immature, often chiding her comrades for their rash behavior, much to their fury. She also seems rather snobbish and enjoys teasing and provoking her teammates. She has a habit of covering her mouth with one of her long sleeves and has an unreadable expression when doing so.

Sung-Sun is also very blunt, fully willing to express her opinion of someone right in that person's face, even if he/she is stronger than her and/or will not like what she says, displaying a certain level of boldness on her part. The origin of this is unknown, though likely inspired by her mistress.


Sun Sun Hollow form

Adjuchas Sung-Sun

Sung-Sun was originally a snake-like Adjuchas who, at some point, encountered the Vasto Lorde Tia Harribel and joined her group. It is unknown if she joined Harribel before or after Franceska Mila Rose. She retained her sophisticated coice even before becoming an Arrancar, and enjoyed teasing

At some point, the group was confronted by Vasto Lorde Baraggan Luisenbarn, the self proclaimed "God-King" of Hueco Mundo, and his army, with the arrogant Hollow demanding that they serve him or leave. They refused and walked off. They were later attacked by Hammerhead, who had been turned into an Arrancar by Sosuke Aizen, and were quickly overwhelmed, despite giving their best effort. Before Hammerhead could kill them, Aizen arrived and killed him.

The group then swore allegiance to Aizen and were themselves turned into Arrancar for his army, with Apacci, Mila Rose, and Sung-Sun becoming Harribel's servants, or Fraccion, while the latter became the Tercera (Third) Espada.


  • Sung-Sun's behavior and personality seem to be similar to a typical Japanese "proper" woman.