Bigby the Big Bad Wolf, formerly known as High Prince Gasket and Grimlock the King of Stories, respectively, is a Fan Fiction writer and author of the popular Bleach: Ultimate Alien series and its alternate version Bleach: Omniverse. Eventually, he deleted Omniverse and discontinued Ultimate Alien due to feeling that they were unsatisfactory, and thus has begun writing a remake that integrates them.



Bleach: Ultimate Alien Volume I (Completed)

Bleach: Ultimate Alien Volume II (Abandoned)

Transformers Prime: Dawn of the Dinobots (Completed)

Transformers Prime: Shockwave Rises (In Progress)

Bleach: Ultimate Alien Remake (In Progress)


Special Sonally Song Story

Dreams of a Gargoyle

Dreams of an Immortal Gargoyle

Comfort From a Friend

Sister, My Sister

Bunnie and Antoine's Anniversary

Dreams and Angels


Riders and Aliens: Ultimate Heroes United (with Kamen Rider Chrome) (Completed)



  • On 15 December 2013, Bigby announced his plan to rewrite both timelines, as he felt displeased by the original versions.
    • However, he ultimately changed his mind regarding the alternative timeline, and began work on a remake.