Ben Tennyson
Ben10 Profile
Race Human-Anodite hybrid
Birthday 21 june
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 5'7"
Weight 140
Professional Status
Affiliation Plumbers
Occupation Hero
High School Student
Team His Group
Partner Gwen Tennyson, Kevin Levin
Base of Operations Bellwood
Weapons Ultimatrix
Personal Status
Relatives Carl Tennyson (father)
Sandra Tennyson (mother)
Max Tennyson (grandfather)
Verdona Tennyson (grandmother)
Frank Tennyson (uncle)
Natalie Tennyson (aunt)
Ken Tennyson (cousin)
Gwen Tennyson (cousin)
Education Bellwood High School
"It's hero time!"
―Ben's battle-cry[src]

Benjamin Kirby "Ben" Tennyson, sometimes called "Ben 10", is the wielder of the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix and the main protagonist of both timelines.


Ben has short brown hair, green eyes, pale skin, and is quite skinny for his age, though he sports an athletic, slightly muscular build. He wears a black shirt, blue pants (possibly jeans) and a green jacket with white stripes and the number 10 on it, and black shoes. Occasionally, he will swap his jacket for a hoodie.


Ben is a cocky, arrogant teenager and a complete show-off who takes great pride in his status as a superhero, often letting that status go to his head, though he is not incapable of feeling humility. He also takes his job very seriously, even though he abuses his shape-shifting powers for his own amusement from time to time. These traits were more prominent when he was a pre-teen; as a teenager, he is far more mature.

Ben is deeply loyal to his friends and will go out of his way to protect them, no matter what the cost. He is also very empathetic and charismatic. He also dislikes mean people and bullies in general, and is quick to defend anyone being unfairly picked on. However, no matter how angry he gets, Ben will never outright kill his enemies in cold blood, though he has occasionally put them in a situation that would ultimately lead to their deaths. Despite this, he deeply opposes the notion of killing. He is also not afraid to stand up to powerful beings to protect his friends or anybody whom he thinks is being unfair, unjust, or outright mean.

Overall, despite his occasional flaws, Ben is a true hero at heart and a worthy possessor of the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix.


Ben Tennyson was 10 years old when he came into possession of the Omnitrix, a device that allowed him to shapeshift into different types of powerful aliens. After obtaining it, Ben found himself getting tossed into one big adventure after another, battling criminals both from Earth and beyond it, with the help of his cousin, Gwen Tennyson, his grandfather Max Tennyson, and later on his enemy-turned-friend Kevin Levin.

Original TimelineEdit

At some point, Ben acquired the Ultimatrix after the Omnitrix was destroyed. During a battle with the Forever Knights, Ben's girlfriend, Julie Yamamoto, was injured. Her parents blamed Ben, and the two were forced to break up. Ben never got over what happened and continued to blame himself.

Alternative TimelineEdit

Following Diagon's defeat, Ben gained a new, more powerful Omnitrix, and later gained a partner named Rook, but after an unspecified accident, he ws forced to break up with Julie, which hurt him very much.