Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Apacci's red Cero

Flight: Like all Arrancar and Shinigami, Apacci is able to fly, or more specifically levitate.

Cero: Like all Arrancar, Apacci can use a Cero. Hers is red, and is fired from the tip of her horn-like mask fragment.

Bala: Apacci can fire red Bala from her fists.

High Reiatsu: Apacci has a high amount of reiatsu, though likely not on par with the mid-to-high tier Espada. Her reiatsu is red.

Enhanced Strength: Apacci possesses an abnormal amount of physical strength

Quimera Parca (Spanish for "Sparing Chimera"): A special ability Apacci shares with her fellow Fraccion, where each one of them tears off their left arms, which combine to form a new creature called Ayon. Ayon is a giant, towering over many other characters. It has a deer skull for a head, a massive muscular torso, a long black mane, deer legs, and a serpent's tail.


Cierva Unreleased

Apacci's chakram-like Zanpakuto

Cierva (Spanish for "Doe"): Apacci's Zanpakuto are actually the collars she wears over her wrists. When drawn, they take the shape of chakram, with three blades protruding from each one.
  • Pulsera Cuerno (Spanish for "Bracelet Horn/Antler"): Apacci can throw her Cierva like projectiles as though they were boomerangs.
  • Cierva Release

    "Cierva" released

    Resurreccion: Its release command is "Thrust". In her released state, Apacci's body gets covered in brown fur, she sports deer-like antlers above her brow, her feet are replaced with deer-like hooves, and a small tail emerges from where her tailbone would be located. Both her eyes change to amber and both eyes gain a red outline around them, with small lightning bolt-shaped markings on both sides of her face.