Race Amperi
Planet Unknown
Power Electrokinesis

Electrical Teleportation Electrical Absorption Electrical Redirection Telepathy Mind Reading Structure Alteration Flight Speed Swimmer Underwater Respiration Stretchable Arms Intangibility

Affiliation Hero

Ben's Omnitrix/Ultimatrix

AmpFibian is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Amperi from an unknown planet in the Andromeda galaxy.


AmpFibian is a blue jellyfish-like alien with six long tentacles that function as two pairs of arms and a pair of legs. AmpFibian wears the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest. AmpFibian has green eyes with no pupils and white swipes on his body, resembling lightning streaks.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

AmpFibian controls lightning and electricity, and can produce them as well in electrical blasts. AmpFibian can fly, and can also turn into pure electricity to travel through electrical currents. He is capable of absorbing electrical energy or electrical-based projectiles and launching the electricity back at enemies, as seen in Deep when he absorbed the guards' energy net and sent it back at them.

As seen in Fused, AmpFibian can become intangible, and in Inspector Number 13, it is shown he can combine his intangibility with his electrokinesis to shock things he phases through, similar to Big Chill.

Using his mastery over the electromagnetic spectrum, Ra'ad (the alien that Ben Tennyson took the sample for the AmpFibian form from) can sense the electrical pulses in the minds of other life forms, allowing him to read their thoughts. It's confirmed AmpFibian can do this, but doesn't yet know how to yet[1].

AmpFibian is capable of breathing underwater and swiming at high speeds.

AmpFibian can squeeze through tight and small spaces, as a lack of bones can't restrict his movements, and can also stretch his arms to a decent length.

In Cosmic Destruction, AmpFibian could make a large electricity blast around himself, damaging all nearby enemies.


AmpFibian can use his electricity underwater, but if he is using electricity while entering water, or only part of him is in the water, he will electrocute himself.


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